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More detailed introduction and background

What is a progression framework?

A "framework" sounds quite complicated! Indeed, if you've worked at a large company, you might have seen frameworks that are large and perhaps a bit intimidating.

accuRx building out a framework and other forms of formalising progression, boils down to writing things downs to build a common understanding of what is expected of people in different roles and to help people have rewarding and fulfilling careers here.

Why does this matter?

It's important to all of us that we enjoy our work and have opportunities to grow. For example, learning more, growing in mastery, taking on new roles and increasing our sphere of influence. You can sum this up as career progression.

It's important that progression strives for fairness and transparent and isn't arbitrary and minimises inconsistencies.

That isn't to say that progression should be the same for everyone. Not at all. We're all different, have different strengths and want different things from our work. What we want from our work and what we bring also develops over time. All of this makes our teams stronger.

By writing things down, we support everyone to access the opportunities that matter to them.

How we got here?