Interview Steps

We have a 3-step interview process. We strive to be transparent and make decisions quickly. Here's a sneak-peak into what you'll experience with Trinsic.

1. Introduction

First, we'd love to quickly meet you over Zoom and say hi. The purpose is to ensure we're on the same page and determine if there is mutual fit.

2. Skills Challenge

We want to make sure you have the technical ability to succeed in your role without making you do one-off or arbitrary quizzes. We chose a standard assessment with results you can reuse if things don't work out with Trinsic.

3. Technical Interviews

If you're hired, we'll be spending a lot of time together writing code so we'd like to understand how you'd fit with the engineering team we've already built. These interviews will be done by both technical cofounders.

4. Hiring Huddle & References

If you've gotten to this point, we like you. We'd like to meet some people you've worked with before and we'd like you to meet some of the people you'd be working with on our team. Our team might ask you to jump in and work with them on something for a bit or just simply have a virtual lunch. These huddles last a few hours.