The article was written by our CTO and co-founder: Pranab Krishnan

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Here at Zeal, we value open source and communication, but as a FinTech SaaS, we can't open source as much of our codebase as we'd like. In light of this, we are going to focus on creating an open-source culture in that we openly invite candidates to experience, and not just read, our practices.

What we are building is a place where your time is respected, you don't deal with constantly shifting priorities, no one makes you build something just to throw it out, and your development experience is something we invest resources in. As part of all of these things, we strive to lead not just through words, but also through actions. We invite you to read through this and open an issue in Github with anything you see here that you're not a fan of! We truly believe a team is only as strong as its communication, and we work towards bettering ours every day.

management and you

We firmly believe that a functional organization provides clear guidelines and boundaries; not just on what your job, task, ticket, or spike is, but in ownership of problems and solutions. We strive to create an environment where:

Outside of these key ideas we've got a decent amount of sanity around your time and your day as an engineer. Let's go over it below.

a typical day

a typical day for one of our developers looks like this:

[9 - 11 am]: start work

[11 am]: stand up