These pages describe the Career Framework for all product engineers at WeTransfer in terms of engineering roles, career paths, and expected skill sets within those roles.

Why this matters

Having a career plan is an essential part of personal growth and development. We want our engineers to grow, both for WeTransfer's benefit, and for your benefit.

Unifying the career framework across engineering aligns expectations around performance and promotions, and limits the potential room for bias in how we recognise success.

How we use it

The career framework is meant to be used by everyone in engineering. It aims to clarify expectations and give a sense of direction.

Using the framework

Progressing through the framework

Two tracks

We have two tracks; Individual Contributor (IC) and Management. The IC track is a career path where the engineer remains an individual contributor without directly managing engineers. The management track is for engineers who want to gradually shift the focus of their work from being an individual contributor to helping teams be more effective.

Each track consists of several levels that build on each other. In order to move to the next level, a candidate will need to meet most of that level's criteria.

(Hiring) Managers decide which level someone comes in at, and managers will guide their team in moving up through the career framework towards the senior levels.

Engineering: Individual Contributor track

Engineering: Management track

Changelog to track updates made to the career framework

Engineering Career Framework Changelog


The entirety of this career framework is published under the Hippocratic License version 2.1. More information about the public release of this framework can be found on its Github page.

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