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Eseosa Asemota • Marketing Strategy Specialist at Access Bank November 15, 2021, Eseosa worked with Ihab during the MBA

Ihab is such a data visualization mastermind. It is amazing to see how easily he translates thoughts, user stories and strategies in visual format. I could not highlight enough the value of having him on your team - you will always stand out during presentations, regardless of the audience!

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Harita Byluppala • Digital Manufacturing Consultant at Nestlé November 15, 2021, Harita worked with Ihab during the MBA

I had the pleasure of working with Ihab this year while helping a startup figure out its market entry strategy. Two things stood out to me that made him a unique asset to our team - his creativity and passion.

His creative (completely off the chart and sometimes whacky) ideas bring in a fresh breath to any team he works with. His passion for product design and attention to detail in projects and presentations infuse the end product with elegance and character. This is truly commendable.

Working with Ihab was efficient and fun - even the long hours!

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Malik Lakhani • Full-stack Software Engineer October 3, 2021, Malik worked with Ihab on his startup

I have worked with Ihab on developing his start-up. Ihab is fueled by passion for his purpose and vision, I have found his drive and work ethic truly inspiring.

He has an excellent skill of team leadership and product management and a great eye for detail in UI/UX, which combined is very rare to match. He quickly grasps technical development aspects, which makes working with him easy and productive.

Ihab's trust in me and the team has given us the space to explore out-of-the-box ideas in product development and gain invaluable experiences to grow. He has been very supportive in times of uncertainty, especially during COVID and remote working. He works to support team synergy which makes the whole startup culture very collaborative.

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Yvan Jacquat • Chief Executive Officer at GradeSens AG April 26, 2021, Yvan was Ihab’s client during the MBA

Thank you Ihab for your great job and evaluation of our company's digital marketing strategy. Your contributions made during the IMD startup competition and project were really helpful and insightful. I can only recommend, all the best!

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Esker Copeland • Marketing Strategy Specialist at EAA March 11, 2021, Esker worked with Ihab on the same team at EAA

Ihab and I worked together on an internal Steering Committee charged with providing technical leadership and guidance throughout the development and rollout of a new Management Information System across our organization. In all the interactions I had with Ihab, he exhibited an exceptional ability to convey complex conceptual thinking in ways that led to greater clarity and better decision making. Ihab's unique abilities ranged from using applications and software to design quick mock ups, to communicating specific and nuanced technical concepts to external parties unfamiliar with industry jargon. On an overall interpersonal level, I was extremely impressed with Ihab’s work ethic, integrity and his eagerness to develop and grow. I am confident that he has a bright future ahead and that any team would be lucky to have him as a contributor.

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Emilya Khachatryan • M&E Program Director at Synergy Int’l Systems March 2, 2021, Emilya worked with Ihab on different teams at EAA

I had a chance to work with Ihab for a very short period. During this period, I watched with what harmonious and cooperative spirit he interacted with his team members, always ready to reach out and lend a helping hand to his teammates. He has got excellent communication skills that enable him to be very effective and constructive when discussing difficult or sensitive issues. He has got well-developed data modelling and system analysis / design skills. Summarizing, I can say that Ihab is very tech savvy, always seeks to optimize and automate business processes, and effectively puts plans into actions.

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