<aside> 🧠 Note- For any further details please refer Season 1 ESD Reporting Guidelines


Season 2 Report


Additional Deliverables

Funding Request

Statement of changes in funding (e.g. Core Contributor add / remove)

Also fill out this table (select the tab of your Guild) AND include the link in EOM report

Financial position S2 & S3

Notes to Authors of ESD proposal

Reference Season 1 ESD Reporting Guidelines

Please tag @lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina on the forum post and drop a link in the #governance-general channel Discord channel and tag @Executive SubDAO Members.

For the ESD to assess deliverables we seek only a summary of activity related to proposed deliverables. Please report which proposed deliverables are completed, in progress or yet to be started with an indication of the top three priorities for the following month.

Please also include a summary of the funding to be approved including core contributor(s), flexible and bounty rewards. Please provide a link to the financial detail of the rewards

We expect final reports to have completed delivery, or in a case where deliverables are delayed, we would expect a deadline for completion. Further funding will not be considered until all deliverables are met or sufficient reason provided for non-delivery.

Reporting will be considered and decided at ESD general meetings. Where queries are raised decisions will roll over to the next ESD general meeting, so we encourage timely reporting so as to provide at least 7 days’ notice to clarify any questions.