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I have heard amazing things about the Peloton Bike, but not so much about their mobile app. After I gave it a shot, I noticed that there were no features in the app to keep me accountable for working out regularly. In this case study, I have described how I would redesign the UX of the app to help maintain workout consistency for users.

The Team

Just me — this was a solo redesign project.

My Role

User Research and Experience Design

Project Timeline

8 weeks, Sep to Nov 2020

Target Users

Peloton's Mobile App Users

Tools Used

Paper, Pencil, Figma

My Design Process

The double-diamond design thinking process.

The double-diamond design thinking process.

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Market Research




Typically, in the US, young adults find the time to work out regularly at the gym. However, older people tend to be busier with family/work and are likely to have lesser time to do so.


Having the ability to build a workout routine will save the users' time and help them stay focused on their fitness goals.

User Interviews