— Written by axiliquint

Nice to see ya! We're excited about Discord's latest API update, and in order to comply with their rules, we need all bots to enable the "Server Members" Intent. This article will explain how to enable that!

Note: Your bot will not start up unless you follow these steps! On top of that, if you disable this intent, your bot will shutdown!‌

  1. Head over to https://discord.com/developers/applications
  2. Your screen will look like this:


Go ahead and click on your bot.


Click "Bot" on the left.

  1. Now, your screen should look something like this:


  1. You should see this:


Scroll down until you see "Privileged Gateway Intents"

  1. Check the "Server Member" box, then click "Save". Your screen will now look like this:


Now, sit back and relax. Your bot is all set!