For contracted clients with a Support Agreement

Visit the link below and follow the instructions to install our remote support system. The process only takes a minute or two. Both PC (Windows 10) and Mac (macOS 10+) are supported.

You may need to provide the username and password for your machine to us in order to allow us access; if so, please provide these via a secure method for your own privacy.

Install remote support

To enable remote support

If you already have remote support installed but it is not enabled, right click on the icon in the system tray (bottom right by the clock) and choose ‘Switch on LogMeIn’.

If this doesn’t work and/or you can’t find the icon, please use the Quick method instead.


For ad hoc support or if you have a new machine

  1. Visit the link below appropriate for your machine, i.e. PC or Mac, which will start a download of the quick support application.
  2. Once downloaded, please run the application – no installation is required. If prompted ‘Do you want to allow this application to make changes’, please choose ‘Yes’.
  3. Please tell us the 9-digit session code that’s shown to enable us to access your machine.

Quick support for Windows

Quick support for Mac

Please note, if you are using a Mac you will need to perform an extra security step to allow remote access – please see video instructions for macOS 10.xx (Catalina and before) or macOS 11+ (Big Sur and after). Here is how to find which macOS version you are using.