You can enable deleting of registered production signals in the station settings menu. This feature is sometimes necessary depending on the production process of manufacturers. Excluding of unwanted production, signals helps ensure correct OEE statistics in production reports.

When is this feature necessary?

  1. When the production process has test products and the OEE calculation should not include them.
  2. When the sensor registers incorrect signals.

How to enable deleting of false production signals?

  1. Go to Settings in Evocon and click on the Stations cards.
  2. Click on the edit icon for the station you want to activate this feature for.
  3. Click on the toggle behind "Allow deleting of products" (the toggle will turn green when activated).
  4. Click "Save".

By enabling this function it is important to tell production operators that once they delete a signal from the system, it cannot be restored. Follow this link to see how production signals can be deleted in Shift View.