<aside> 📆 Release date: 08/15


<aside> 👾 Platform: Web



What’s new?

Organization and Workspace Admins have the ability to enable/disable altitude reporting, with a single click, for devices in the field via over-the-air (OTA) settings.

<aside> 📌 NOTE: we leverage GPS for altitude readings, not an altimeter.


The benefits:

✅ Maximize situational awareness → seamlessly access altitude information, providing critical insights for precision operations

✅ Improve data management → as operators transition into the next phase of an operation, disable altitude data to regulate satellite data consumption.

How to enable/disable altitude reporting with OTA settings:

  1. Navigate to Account in the top navigation bar
  2. Select your Workspace in the left hand navigation menu
  3. Select the Devices tab within the Workspace window
  4. In the Altitude Reporting column, enable/disable the toggle for a specific user/device

Group 3.png

<aside> 📌 Altitude date will be reflected on the next tracking point and viewable on the Map screen.