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Web App Interaction Design

🧑 Team size of 3 people

🕒 Oct 2020 - Dec 2020 (6 weeks)

🛠️ Sole UX designer collaborating with stakeholders from other disciplines

<aside> ❗ This project is under NDA so sensitive information has been redacted or altered



The company's product is an all-in-one assessment and lesson plan online tool for literacy teachers in primary education

My task is to redesign the user interface of the 2 main features of the web app

→ To reduce frictions in the users' journey

→ To accomodate new features in the next update

The high-level goals of this project:

My Role

Working in an end-to-end process as the principal UX designer with occasional collaboration with another UX designer, Digital lead & Principal developer


Previous audit reports were not thorough which prompted me to do a heuristics evaluation of the product

I compiled my findings of the issues in a Severity Ranking table in Notion. The ranking is based on the Priority Score formula that scored on Value, Effort & Confidence