Below is a summary of the main benefits offered to full-time employees at Air.

We believe in investing in the long term health, productivity, and continued education of our employees. As we grow, we will continue to expand these benefits to foster a healthy and happy work environment for our team.

Occasionally, a specific employee's benefits require unique considerations. The benefit summary below represents our typical offering, but we're always happy to consider special circumstances to make sure each team member is properly supported.

Medical, dental, and vision

Air offers a handful of medical, dental, and vision insurance options for employees to choose from. We cover 75% or more of the cost of each plan.

Below is a breakdown of the plans we offer and their monthly cost to you (pre-tax), along with the full policy document explaining the details of each plan.

Copy of 2020 health insurance plans

Life insurance

All employees have the option to enroll in life insurance through Guardian at no cost, as Air pays 100% of the plan's premium.

For additional information on the life insurance policy, please see the attached document below.



Our 401k program is open to all employees who have worked at the company for more than 6 months. You can contribute as much or as little as you like, within federal 401k limits. For more information, you can visit the website of our 401k provider, Guideline.


Air promotes the importance of time away from the office. Taking time off to recharge is critical to doing your best work. We also believe that "unlimited" vacation policies are generous in theory but confusing in practice. Set vacation policies are overly prescriptive.

Instead, we take a "minimum days off" approach, meaning that we strongly encourage employees to take at least 10 days off each year. There is no maximum vacation recommendation, with the recognition that employees must monitor and manage their projects and other business matters responsibly at all times. All flexible vacation days must be pre-approved by your direct manager.

We offer 25+ total days off per year