This is an empathy map that we created to give us a deeper insight into our customer base. It shows how our users may think and feel when using our application for homework or class work. It also shows what they will see when using our application like how it will have a clean UI and no complicated language and will make them want to use ours over others that maybe more complicated or cost money.

The empathy map also also shows what our users will say and do while using our application about how they can make different decisions in the app to get what they need, or how they can use the application to help them learn online easily during the global pandemic. The final section of the empathy map is hear, which is what our users are gonna hear about our app from their classmates, classmates parents, and teachers. They may also hear success stories about how the app has helped other students to improve their learning.

At the very bottom of the empathy map we added in pains and gains. The pains show any problems that our customer may have like fear or worry. We also added in gains which are goals that the users will hope to achieve by using our app.

We found creating this empathy map for our potential customers very useful as it allowed us to gain a further and better insight to them so that we can create my app in the best way possible so that all of our users get a good experience from the app and that they actually find it beneficial and helpful too them.