Part 1: The Story

Step back into your memory. Remember a situation in which you had an uncomfortable emotion (sadness, anger, hopelessness, etc.). It doesn't have to be a "big" emotion. Great values can be harvested from even small annoyances. For your first time, avoid emotions related to more general life problems or previous trauma. Try a situation that brought up challenging emotions that are linked to the situation itself.

Ask yourself: What was it like for you to actually be in the situation? Where were you? Who were you with? What happened? What emotions came up? How did they manifest in your body? What did you see, touch, taste, smell? Picture being there as vividly as you can. Sketch the outline of the story here:

Now simplify your story for this exercise

You've identified different emotions that came up. Decide on the one that was most clear and present. Think about what you were doing that caused that emotion.

Write down your emotion and what happened.

Example: I felt frustrated because I was stuck in line.

Part 2: The Value

Your negative emotion pointing to the fact that this scenario is not part of your good life. Now it’s time to meditate on what meaningful way of living you were not actualizing.

Start by reflecting on what way of being the emotion indicates

Then, using all of the information above, capture your wisdom by formulating an awareness-guiding "personal value phrase":

Hint: search for the "heart-opening, deeply relaxing yes" in your body when you formulate it.