The below information is relevant to Russian nationals only:

For information on Ukrainian nationals please visit this page. For information on Belarusian nationals please visit this page.


Why are we recommending Georgia as the preferred option for Russian nationals seeking to leave Russia?

Speed - We have evaluated visa routes to multiple countries in EMEA and the fastest option for Russian citizens to be able to leave Russia, is to enter Georgia visa free. Processing Times - There is no processing time required. Russian nationals are eligible to live and work in Georgia for up to 1 year. After the expiry of 1 year period, and in order to apply for residency the applicant shall first obtain the special type visa (D Visa) that allows further application for the longer residence permit.


Excerpt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

According to the Ordinance N.255 approved by the government of Georgia, citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the Russian Federation may enter and stay in Georgia without a visa for 1 (one) full year. Citizens of the Russian Federation, who are staying in Georgia legally, may also apply for residence permit through the powers of the Legal Entities under Public Law (LEPL) within the Ministry of Justice of Georgia – LEPL Public Service Hall or LEPL Public Service Development Agency.