<aside> 💡 Venue offers real-time video capabilities directly in the app, but you can also produce your show outside of Venue broadcast to our low-latency custom destination or embed your own video player. You can also mix-and-match video types live in the event. The possibilities are endless!


Real-time video

Every space in Venue allows you to simply click a button to appear on the screen live using your computer's video and audio, or click a button to invite anyone in the audience to share their video and audio. There's nothing to download or install. We use WebRTC platforms - the same technology that powers in-browser video conferencing calls in Google Meet - to make the experience seamless. We also support virtual cameras and virtual microphones, so can can easily add your favourite effects.

Video files

Every space in Venue also allows you to easily upload video files into the Share panel, which can then be played on the stage. Unlike screensharing videos in video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet, your uploaded video is streamed individually to each audience member from an optimized content delivery network to ensure they receive the best quality video and audio.

Iframe supported video players

You can also easily copy and paste links from your favourite video services online and have them play via an iframe video player. We currently support:

Universal playlist support (.m3u8)

To stream a playlist, simply paste your .m3u8 url into the "Paste your embed link" input box on the Share panel and hit enter. This will create an entry in the Share panel of your stream. Click the stream to share it on the stage. The stream will be played through our natively supported video players.

Natively supported video players

By default, we use the video.js player to display your streams or uploaded video content. To switch to another player, navigate to the "Toggle Features" panel and change the Video Player. Some players may require your license code be added to the input box below the selection before the player will work as expected.

Want another video playlist or player supported? Let us know!


Embedding Video has been relocated to the new and improved Share panel. Read more here: What is the Share panel?