Subject Line:

Example 1: "Web 3.0 - 2x exited founder -India - Pre-Seed"

Example 2: "B2B Delivery - $1M GMV, +30% MoM - India - Seed"

Example 3: "Fintech- Lead secured - India- Series A"


Add your startup sector + Traction (Active Users, Revenue, 2x founder or other) + Country + Startup Stage (Pre-Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A, Series A, Series B, Series C)

Main Message:


Start with "Hi + name" or "Hello XXX team".

Break the ice with a custom intro that shows the fit. Keep it short.

Use bullet points to list 3-4 key facts or metrics about your company. Don’t add any external links than the pitch deck link



I am ABC from DEF (City) Currently building a PQR product, (Brief Idea About Product) in the $10 Billion (TAM/SAM/SOM) MNO industry. Currently, at the Idea or Patent / Prototype / Early Revenue / Scaling / Growth Stage and looking to raise $X Million for the 12-18 months of the runway.

About the Company (Current Traction):