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Hey there! My name is Kirsty 👋🏻 and I'm the Head of Marketing at Chameleon. I wrote most of this doc (with inputs from Pulkit, Shannon, and others on the team) and want to personally invite you to apply for this role.

When I first started working in marketing, I remember typing out content for a Salesforce email sequence. It was rigid and dependent on opened = true/false – I’m glad to say times have changed!

In this role, you’ll have my full support to build out the email marketing channel and offer valuable touch points for subscribers, leads, and customers. Email should be as contextual as possible and held nudge the receivers to the next point in their user journey.

This is me on the left (obviously) with a personalized Chameleon hydroflask that we got as swag, and here on the right is my adopted cat, Pickle. I'm originally from Scotland but have traded the brooding, gray skies for the Catalonian beachside of Barcelona.



The Email Marketer role at Chameleon

Why join Chameleon now? 🦎

This is the best time to join Chameleon: you’d be joining a team that has found its groove and is excited about scaling, and a product that has customer love but with tons of potential to transform how SaaS works. Your work will impact 10s of millions of users.