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Project Brief

A major obstacle for any online product or service is attracting users and having a process that encourages users to signup. Elliot is a start-up with the mission to alleviate the many frustrations of e-commerce back-end maintenance, add-ons, or plugins business owners currently experience without having to pay a premium monthly cost. As a student looking to improve my onboarding design skills I designed a prototype of an onboarding experience for Elliot with the goal of increasing conversion rates and producing opportunities to help their users succeed.

Subject: Elliot (e-commerce platform)

Duration: 3 days

Role: User Experience (UX) Designer & Design Strategist

Tools: Figma

Where were they at?

Elliot's main differentiator is the low barrier of entry to access premium e-commerce features found on other platforms like Shopify but without charging a monthly fee. Users only have to pay 1% of their earnings from the products they sell on the platform, enabling them to build their brand and store without any upfront costs or unnecessary pressure. They only pay when they sell, simple. The goal is to provide not just a platform but a plug and play worry-free ecosystem where users are free to customize their shopper's experience without the need for coding knowledge or international tax laws just to name a few. However, Elliot can't meet that goal if their onboarding experience doesn't convert enough users.

Currently when a potential user wants to create an Elliot account they must first request for access. This places the user in a queue of others requesting access which in turn is processed at the pace of Elliot's team, not at the speed or desire customers expect. I understand this is intentional and may be motivated by their current security systems, however, the user does not empathize with start-up related constraints, they just want their needs to be met at desirable rate.

Elliot recognizes they need to revamp their onboarding experience. They could be utilizing tested and proven design patterns and techniques making them both easily accessible and increasing conversion rates.

What did I do?


  1. What's Elliot's current user flow for creating an account?
  2. Examine what is currently being asked.
  3. Find what issues need to be addressed.

Current user flow

Elliot's current user flow totaling 19 screens and 10 steps.