The Basics

The Teamwork

Our overall framework for working in a team was to get on a call, brainstorm ideas and distribute the tasks and sub-tasks among team members. We then discussed each sub team's progress and updates on our team's discord channel.

My Contribution

Besides the regular group discussions that we had, we also contributed individually. As mentioned above we first shortlisted the interfaces among different group members.

I contributed to designing the ideation, conceptual options, iteration, and final interface for the easy access board along through ideation throughout the rest of the project. Making updates, suggesting changes wherever required.

I also enjoyed brainstorming and ideation with my team members. This was one of the memorable projects for me personally as we thoroughly enjoyed collaborating together as a team.


The process we followed was: Research —→ Empathise —→ Analyse —→ Ideate/brainstorm —→ Visual design

We first started with researching more on the problem statement and understanding the needs and pain points of the users of a 1000 storey building. After which, we had analyzed all the findings and came up with our own ideas to approach the problem. After multiple brainstorming sessions and pouring ideas, we finally came up with low-fidelity wireframes, iterated on them, and designed the visual design.


Montgomery (Mod by KONE) Polaris elevators at the Marriott in Kansas City MO