Games in WISP are called "eggs", and they're categorised in "nests". Adding games to WISP works the same way as adding games in Pterodactyl, with backward compatibility. This means you can import Pterodactyl eggs into your WISP panel.

There is a large repository of eggs for various games and services here:

Importing eggs

There is a community-maintained repo containing a lot of eggs for games here. To import these eggs, follow the steps below.

Downloading eggs from the community repo

We're going to start by downloading the eggs provided by the community-maintained repo. 1) Click on the Code dropdown > 2) Download ZIP

Downloading community eggs

After that you extract the zip and now you can import any community egg you want from that repo.

Create a new nest (optional)

If you're adding a completely new game that doesn't have a nest (category) it can associate with you can easily create a nest for it.

Clicking on the "Create New" button for nests.

1) Name The name for your nest. 2) Identifier The identifier for your nest, this is used to activate unique features if available. 3) Description Description of your nest.

New nest form.

Import your egg

Now that we've created a new nest (if needed) for our egg we can now import an egg into it.

Clicking the "Import Egg" button on the nest page.

Selecting the Factorio egg json file to import

You have to restart the Daemon each time you import or modify Egg configuration using the command wisp restart