Summers are the best time for the owners to enjoy their ESAs. ESAs usually feel energetic and playful around this time of the year. But as you are enjoying time with your ESA, you have to be careful of multiple things. Here we are listing a few important and effective tips for your emotional support animals.

The most important thing during summers is to keep your ESAs hydrated. Provide them a clean water bowl with fresh water with the dog games. You can add ice cubes in it too. Ice cubes will keep the water cool for long.

On a hot summer day, a cold and delicious treat will make your ESA’s day! The easiest thing to do is to freeze some berries or fruits. Many ESAs love frozen yogurt too. Not only it helps them cool, but it also keeps them healthy.

Many animals get sunburns and rashes in summers. If your ESA does not have much hair, use sunscreen to protect the terrier breeds from the harmful intense sunlight. There are many pet-friendly sunscreens available. If that seems an expensive option or your ESA is allergic, rub Aloe Vera on the irritated skin.

Inside your house, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation for the caucasian shepherd ESA. Some housing societies do not allow dogs to be kept inside the house or apartment. If you own an ESA dog, you can ask your mental health professional for an emotional support dog letter. In this way, housing society security will let you keep the dog inside the house. Keep your windows open for fresh air and shades to protect your house against intense heat.

You can take your ESA to a local swimming pool or beach. By swimming in cool water, they will feel refreshed. If you cannot take them to the pool or beach due to your busy schedule, you can buy them a kid’s pool. Buy a pool with hard plastic so it doesn’t get pierced with the sharp nails of your ESA healthiest dog breeds. Place it on the roof or backyard. Make sure you clean and dry it afterward too.

Don’t keep your ESA inside a car even with open windows. In summers the car heats up quickly and the temperature inside increases significantly. There is a huge chance that your ESA will suffer from heatstroke. So either leave them at home or take them with you.

Some animals require more help than others. The road contains asphalt which becomes hot quickly with service cat. Due to which, it becomes unbearable to walk barefoot on the road. You can buy boots or shoes for your ESA from any pet store.

In the summertime, several parties are hosted and barbeques are a must. But at this time, make sure that your ESA doesn’t chew on the food scraps that are high in fats. As they can be hazardous for the health of your ESA.