Founder of The 100X Life, Award-winning Podcast Producer & Host, Keynote Speaker, and Thought Leader

Edwin Frondozo is a multipassionate technology entrepreneur, award-winning podcaster, top advisor and international keynote speaker. He is well known for communicating where people, business, and innovation meet.

Edwin founded The 100X Life community for multipassionate business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators who are interested in lifelong learning and pursuing multiple interests.

He is the co-founder Slingshot Communications, a business cloud phone network and platform where he is focused on leadership, growth and scale.

Edwin is also an Award-winning producer and Host of The Business Leadership Podcasts. He has produced 300+ podcasts in various formats from 1-1 interviews, panel style discussions to solo/narration styles with live streaming opportunities for guests on his show!

His guests range anywhere from entrepreneurs who run businesses all around to thought leaders like Seth Godin.

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