About us

We're building a new kind of education company. Our goal is simple: help the next generation of kids be more ambitious, more creative, and learn to think for themselves.

We're not taking a traditional approach, and we're not looking for traditional thinkers. We're working on Primer because we believe it's the most important work of our lives, and we're building a company where you can do the best work of your life.

We're a small team with a sunny office in the Mission District in San Francisco.

What we believe

We believe that kids are remarkable — and that our current education system is underestimating them.

We believe that we need a new kind of education system — one where we value what kids learn both outside and inside the classroom. Where they learn how to solve real problems, not how to pass tests. Where they learn to think critically for themselves, not to memorize the traditional views. Where they are more ambitious, more curious, and more creative as a byproduct of their education experience.

We believe that we need more kids pursuing non-standard paths. We need more 'weirdos' by society's standards — kids that blaze their own trail, follow their passions, and learn to think differently.

We believe that offering an accessible, superior education to millions of kids is one of the highest leverage things technology can do — and by doing so, we have a chance to bend the arc of history.

What we're building

Primer is built for ambitious kids. Most of our users are homeschoolers ages 9-14, and we have kids joining from all over the world. Currently we have three main areas for kids to explore: Clubs, Rooms, and Pursuits.

In Clubs, kids explore their interests alongside other kids who "get it" — this week they are building vehicles using rubber bands, writing stories with original characters, designing computer games from scratch, and exploring the natural world around them.

In Rooms, kids join live audio-based experiences where they solve puzzles, debate ideas, go on adventures, and explore topics they are excited about. Kids can join Rooms hosted by a Primer adult and create/join kid-hosted Rooms with one another.

In Pursuits, kids work with other kids on long-term projects through a combination of live and asynchronous collaboration. Our first Pursuits support kids designing exoplanet development plans, writing long-form pieces, and making their own Roblox games.


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