Report debt directly from your editor while you work.

Whether you just lost some time due to tech debt, debugged an issue caused by tech debt, or took a shortcut due to time pressure, we've got you covered.

And since context is king, your debt reports will be visible to you and your teammates right alongside the relevant code.

Supported editors

We currently support Visual Studio Code and all JetBrains IDEs.

Need support for another editor? Let us know by submitting a feature request here.

Installing the integrations

Visit and follow the steps outlined there.

Using the integrations

  1. Select code, right click, Report Technical Debt

  1. Describe the debt you're reporting, and optionally add metadata such as Time lost or Quality issue

  1. Share information about tech debt with your collaborators, right next to the relevant code

<aside> 🔐 Your code won't leave your machine Stepsize works by building links to your code. We don't upload the code itself. Find out more about this in our Infosec documents.


What are debt reports?

Gain a better understanding of how debt reports fit in with the rest of Stepsize:

Tech debt reports

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