Table of contents:

All economy commands

/ah, /auction, /auctionhouse - opens the Auction House GUI

/ah sell [price] - Put the item in your hand in the auction house for a selected price

/ah selling - Shows your listed items. You can cancel any of your selling items from this GUI.

/ah expired - Collect all of your expired auction items here.

/bal, /balance - Check your balance and current tax bracket

/bal [user] - Check someone's balance

/baltop - Shows top 10 players with the largest balance.

/chestshops - Manage your chest shops

/pay [user] [amount] - Pay a user money.

/shop - Takes you to the Craftadia Market

/trade [user] - Send a trade request (within 10 blocks of the player you want to trade with)

/transactions - Lists a maximum of 10 pending transactions which you can choose to accept or decline.

<aside> ❕ On Craftadia, players can choose to accept or deny payments from other users. As a reminder, if you do not want to receive payments from someone in general, you can /ignore them.

This system is accessible through /transactions, which lists a maximum of 10 pending transactions. Players need to accept the money in order to confirm they want to also deal with the tax implications that money brings with it. If a player declines the transaction, the sender's balance will remain unchanged. Please note that a transaction will expire if not responded to after 2 minutes.



When you visit /shop you'll find six vendors, each with a different number of random items featured in their shop, which you can buy and sell: