Hi there in &COPENHAGEN, I'm glad that I could work with your shop and make this audit. I genuinely like your products and the design style linked to your brand, however I can see that there is still a room for improvement on the e-commerce side. Hopefully, you'll find some interesting take-aways and some inspiration. I also hope that this is only the beginning of our cooperation.

✅ General

Announcement bar

Announcement bar is very hard to read and packed with information. The font is very small and with the color combination it's even harder to read it.

It's great to use your excellent reviews on trustpilot for your advantage, but the trustpilot image is in very low quality and it's not clickable, so the customers have no real proof in it and it's just taking up precious space on the landing page.


Header and Footer

Both should be consistent, they should have same fonts and probably colors, but that's not mandatory.

Footer could be more distinguishable, because it has a lot of practical functionalities and customers are naturally looking for an information about delivery, return policy etc. Also, on mobile devices the footer is not divided from the rest of the site at all and it's not aligned correctly.

Footer is broken on smartphone

Footer is broken on smartphone


Breadcrumbs are not distinguishable from the rest of the text. They're also not where users tend to look for them and as it is more of a practical element than visual. I would advice to move them. That could also help a lot with the product name on the product page which is now blending in with breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are not really helping to convert so they're just dividing the attention and should not be in the product info section.


✅ Main page:

Homepage should clearly represent shop categories and be more focused on user benefits, not products only. The featured collection is very generic and the necklaces collection which I believe is your best selling one has no added value to it (necklaces are beautiful, but there is no concept build around the collection on the home-page).

We could definitely use some bolder grid for collections on the main page too. Ideally, use the elements that align with those in specific product collection pages to create grid that fits to MP and will have corresponding conversions. The UX and UI design is even more important with visually appealing products as yours so it would be a shame to leave the grid as it is.

Mosmosh has a quite nice example of a home-page.

Nextly, some parts of product tiles and buttons are not clickable and don't "hover" either. For example the price tag on the picture below.