Add chat widget (WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Telegram) for your Easystore page and send messages in bulk with NovoChat! ⚡

Install NovoChat app in your Easystore account

  1. From your NovoChat dashboard, head to Settings > Integrations > Easystore. You will be directed to the NovoChat app page.

  2. Click on 'Install this app' button. You will be prompted to log in to Easystore if you haven't.

You can also install NovoChat from your Easystore dashboard. Navigate to Apps page > click on 'More apps' button > search for 'NovoChat'

  1. In Easystore app installation page, click on 'Install'.

  1. You will be directed to NovoChat, and an account will be automatically created for you.

  1. To enable the widget in your EasyStore page, simply