➕ Easily add accounts and members with an import file

Want a quick way to add accounts and account members to your Trust Center? Look no further than the 'Import' button on the Accounts tab. Now you can easily create new accounts or add members through a file import.To note - the file needs to be either .csv or .xlsx, with certain data fields (e.g., account name, NDA provider). Once you click 'Import' you will see additional details including a template, or learn more here.


👥 Auto invite directly from Salesforce

Wish there was a way to automatically invite people to your Trust Center once certain fields are updated in Salesforce? For example, when opportunities with 'opportunity type**' ='**new**are moved to 'demo', auto invite the primary contact to access your Trust Center. This is how SafeBase has our auto invite configured, and now you can too 🎉 .

This new automated flow detects changes in specified fields in Salesforce, follows pre-defined rules, and invites them to SafeBase. Proactively sharing your Trust Center in the sales process has never been easier!To note - this feature is only available to enterprise customers with Salesforce integration. Please reach out here or to your CSM if you want to rock and roll with auto invite. If you are a HubSpot user and would like a similar workflow let us know - either through email or voting here.

🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Support of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - SafeBase can now support both GA formats, the soon-to-be sunsetted GA3 as well as GA4. Navigate over to 'Security Portal Settings' and add your GA ID.


→ New additions to 'Compliance' card - you can now add CSA Trusted Cloud Providers, CPRA, and VCDPA to the compliance card! Want to learn more about these certifications? Check out this article about the difference between CCPA and CPRA.

→ New webhooks added to event catalog - new events have been added, beyond the previously launched events (past events include access request, doc downloaded, etc.). These new events include: access request needing manual approval, access request blocked, access requested, org member added, org member suspended, questionnaire submitted, and *Trust Center viewed.*Now growth and enterprise customers can further enhance custom workflows based on these SafeBase activities. Reply here, reach out to your CSM, or check out these help articles to get started.

🗓️ Coming soon