A Distributed Regenerative Storytelling Cooperative

Benjamin Life



As Earth transitions from an extractive, exploitative, colonial-capitalist economic system into increasingly distributed, cooperative, and regenerative systems, new stories are emerging that are not being told in corporate media channels.  These stories represent entirely new ways of thinking and being and their dissemination is essential to implement planetary solutions at the pace and scale that our current ecological collapse requires.

To circumvent the challenges posed by centralized media, new media financing, distribution, and creative collaboration systems are needed to bring these stories to the audiences who want to hear them.

Earth and Sky is a distributed storytelling cooperative that provides a distributed full stack collaboration, financing, and distribution platform to meet these challenges and create meaningful content that supports a thriving, regenerative future.


Until very recently, financing and production of media was necessarily centralized due to asymmetric broadcast media and a lack of distributed coordination between creatives and financiers.  While centralized media has created incredible art in the last 100 years, these structures have systematically focused on perspectives that reinforce dominant cultural narratives.

Crowdfunding, various distributed ledger technologies, and collaborative governance models make these centralized systems obsolete and open up space for the most vitally important narratives of our time to be told and widely shared. The Earth and Sky cooperative ****platform synergistically combines the best of these technologies with a clear vision and purpose to uplift stories that catalyze systemic transformation.


The Earth and Sky platform can be summarized in the following functions:

POSTING // Anyone can apply to post their project to the Earth and Sky distributed ledger.  Posts can come from individuals or organizations who want to create content around specific stories, themes, or teams. Posts will include: