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We are really excited to have you here with us!


<aside> 💁‍♀️ Please feel free to reach out to us via if you are unable to stake for any valid financial reasons and we are happy to discuss a solution for you!


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NOTE:** Don't add your private key to code or any Discord messages ever. Do not use accounts with large amounts of value attached to them!


Table of Contents:

What is ETHOnline 👀

Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned dapp developer, this is a chance to try out ideas and learn new skills.

ETHOnline is a chance to build with the entire ecosystem at your back, with support from a huge community of mentors, sponsors, judges, developers, and so much more.

In line with this - is a month of summits, covering everything you need to know to get up-to-speed on Ethereum in 2020.

We'll have talks on Eth2, DeFi, Gaming, developer tools, infrastructure, and much more. Whether you're just learning the basics or want to keep up with the cutting edge, you'll want to be part of this year's summits.

ETHOnline officially kicks off on 02 October 2020 🎉

How Staking Works 💸

We require all hackers to stake in order to RSVP for ETHOnline! Staking your spot is a great incentive to get people committed to seeing the hackathon through and submitting something by the end. If you need to chat to us about anything regarding your stake - feel free to reach out to any member from the ETHGlobal team!