Semester 2, AY 2019-20


🏛 Class & Tutorial Venue: AB 7/208

Class Timings: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 2:05PM to 03:00PM

Tutorial Timing: Tuesdays: 5:05PM - 6:30PM

Office Hours: By email appointment or whenever the door is open (4/305)

Announcements: Please join the WhatsApp group for the course here. Major announcements will be cross-linked here.

<aside> 🔥 Starting June 8th, this class is moving online. Join the live lectures via Zoom. You can click the link shared in the WhatsApp group to join; alternatively, the Meeting ID is 508 655 8236, and the password is the name of a movie and also the blank in the following sentence:

In a standard deck without a ______, the probability of drawing a card that is a diamond, if chosen uniformly at random, is 1/4.


<aside> 📜 Assignments.

Note that once you submit the Google Form, you will instantly recieve a score. In case you have partially correct answers, please fill out the questions that ask for an explanation, so that we have a chance to revisit your score and grade your answer for partial credit in case there is any scope.

  1. Graph Theory

  2. Group Theory

  3. Number Theory (Coming soon.)


Email for queries: - please use this email so I can quickly prioritize emails pertaining to the course.


Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen

Open Textbook on Discrete Mathematics

Online Course (with lecture videos): Math 4190, Summer I 2019

Schedule of Lectures

The pages below have the detailed schedule of lectures. Each lecture is it's own page with highlights from the class, a copy of the slides (whenever applicable), and a copy of the lecture notes from the scribe (again, as soon as they are made available).

Lecture Schedule

Quizzes, Writing Project and Presentations

Quizzes, Writing Project, and Presentations