White Paper


**1** Introduction

1.1 Abstract

1.2 Two words about Erebus Project:

1.3 Example

**2** Characteristics

2.1 Erebusfaucet

2.2 Features

2.3 Roadmap

3 Launching/Contact


3.2 Tokenomics

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4 Summary

5 Legal and Risks

5.1 Legal Disclaimer 5.2 Risk Disclosure

1 Introduction

1.1 Abstract

Erebus Project is a new and unique opportunity for improvement and giving a totally different way at the everyday marketing, especially at NFT and BSC network. To achieve this, the developing team of Erebus Project, will create an asset provenance platform, where everyone can find their desirable product, and buy/exchange it, in a genuine and safe way, through cryptocurrencies.

1.2 Two words about Erebus Project

The main reason of the development of this Ecosystem, is to annihilate the inaccuracy that usually exists in transactions (not only cryptocurrency involved ). According to the developer’s feedback, every item that is <<locked>> to a buyer, can not being stolen or lost from vicious activities, with the utilization and strength of various blockchain technologies.

1.3 Example

Let us give an example: