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Blue = Added by me to make the generation make more sense

Black (or White if You're in Dark Mode) = Human Written Text


Johannes Gutenberg vs Imhotep


Epic rap battles of history! Imhotep! Vs! Johannes Gutenberg! Begin!

[Imhotep:] Hey, what's up, how you doin buddy I'm Imhotep and I'm about to make you my mister. Mummy. Because I'm the first rapper who's about to drop a bomb on your chest You thought you were the first to ever invent the printing press? Say it with me now, I'm Im-ho-teep! I rap so hardcore, when my mic is pressed against my lips, You just got bibled I'll make your other invention: the holy bible feel rivaled

You look like a children's book In fact, I'm so good that God put me on his platinum album hook You were supposed to be the first to create a library I'll make a copy of your ass and put it in my library, with no commentary

[Johannes Gutenberg:] What you have here is nothing more than an ancient feud This battle is already won, this will be your final poem, dude I'm the architect of everything that will be printed in the future Rappers will cite me as the greatest thing since sliced bread and up to the computer I'm the progenitor of every future musician that exists, it can't be debated I am the blueprint of all great music that is to be created No one even knows your name, and you will never be remembered or well intentioned You will always be inferior to my superior invention I'll set the printing press on fire and you will be obliterated You are just a footnote in history and you will never top this, I'll never be equated


Nikola Tesla vs Charles Darwin


Epic rap battles of history! Nikola Tesla Vs Charles Darwin! Begin!

[Nikola Tesla:]

Tesla power! You know what I'm talking about If I'm the Thomas Edison of the 21st century, You're the Rip van Winkle, no doubt The lightening from your theories is more like a fairy tale Go home and research into the mirror on the wall, you doornail I'm the greatest scientific mind to come out of the Balkans, I invented almost everything man! They call me an eccentric? It's because I invented a death ray, You can ask Uncle Sam!