Hi, my name is <X> and I’m calling from Lumen Energy. I received your contact info from <EPC point of contact name> at <EPC company name>. <EPC company name> is bidding on one of our solar projects and <EPC point of contact name> mentioned that you’d be willing to serve as a customer reference for them. Do you have 20-30 mins right now to chat about your experience with <EPC company name>?


  1. Can you please briefly describe the work that <EPC company name> performed for you? Please include some background details like what kind of solar installation it was (if rooftop, what kind of building it was), when this work was done, the location of the project and the size of the system.

  2. How did you find <EPC company name> and what ultimately drove your decision to work with them vs other solar installers?

  3. How would you rate your overall experience working with <EPC company name>?

Follow-up questions:

  1. Did they start and complete the project according to schedule?

  2. Were there any issues that came up during the project? If yes, what were they and how were they resolved?

  3. How communicative were they through the project? How often did you receive updates on progress and potential roadblocks?

  4. Did you run into any issues around unexpected costs or change orders? How/why did this come about?

  5. Were you satisfied with the equipment used by <EPC company name> and have you experienced any issues since the system has come online?

  6. Is there anything else about your experience working with <EPC company name> that you’d like to share/think we should know?