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Today's Unlimited Partner is Julian Posada, CEO at LiftUp Enterprises. Julian has over 19 years of experience in building, transforming and leading a variety of organizations in media, professional sports, digital start-ups and professional services in addition to extensive community involvement. He has a heavy focus on generating revenue and creating culture for success with specific expertise of the Hispanic market.

LiftUp Enterprises is a for-profit social enterprise based in Chicago, that creates, grows, and scales profitable entities. Julian discusses how they're making an impact in the local community. They are very committed to creating a liveable job that offers: basic benefits, career building opportunities and a fair & engaging workplace. They also leverage their partners including social services agencies to provide wraparound services to support the overall well-being of their employees.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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Julian’s Background

[00:04:31] Thomas McGannon: Well, I would love to maybe start this off Julian, you're a really impressive, fascinating guy from a number of different perspectives. Would you mind just starting this off by by introducing who you are?

Like, tell us about about your your upbringing, because the things that you've chosen to do with your life, they are decisions that are made seemingly with a lot of intention and a lot of direction. So would love to kind of understand, like how did you become the person that that does the things that you do?