Show Notes:

This week's episode is with Gerard Ramos, CEO at Revelry. Revelry is a digital innovation lab based in New Orleans with satellite offices in Chicago and Dallas. Revelry's Innovation Stack is a suite of cloud-native intelligent automation tools enabling businesses to rapidly deliver innovative products to market. Specialties: Product Delivery, Agile, Cloud, IoT, SaaS, PaaS, Marketplace, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Idea Acceleration, Design Thinking, Angel Investing, Ecosystem Building.

We join Gerard in Western North Carolina, as he's onsite helping to build one of Revelry's newest ventures, Roam. Roam is an eco-conscious, tech-enabled campgrounds platform for remote workers and families on the road. As Thomas has recently agreed to join its board of directors, they really dive into hearing about what it takes to get a campsite online. This is the merging of tech and nature that truly encapsulates what he and Thomas are trying to build, bringing the future forward.

But Gerard took many years to get to this point. We get into his coding/engineering past, how he was told he couldn't build a VC company in New Orleans, and the struggles it took him to prove them all wrong. This is a very cool guest. And we are excited to share it!

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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