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Thomas is delighted to have Tripp Jones of Uncork Capital on the Unlimited Partners pod today. He discusses his investing philosophies, and Uncork's ability to make a name for itself in the VC marketplace. Most of his investments are a focus on digital transformation. They also discuss Uncork's Founder, Jeff Clavier (formerly SoftTech VC) who is a legend in the VC world. He shares his passion for "investing against his phone" which Thomas dives into a little deeper. This brings up companies like and

Tripp knew he wanted to be a VC even as a young kid. He enjoys being an enabler, to help companies reach fantastic outcomes. He believes the team behind the company is the number one criterium for investing, but that even more importantly is getting behind macro trends. They also go into risk and how Tripp loves knowing he can take bigger swings knowing his firm has a great core B2B portfolio. He also shares that he learned early to assess trends in the American woman, who statistically do a lot more of the buying in US households.

Uncork Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm with over $500 million under management.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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