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Bruce brings more than 25 years of financial operations and management excellence to Domo. For almost six years, he was CFO of SuccessFactors, guiding the company through a public offering, six acquisitions, and its $3.4 billion sale to SAP. Bruce has served as CFO for LANDesk Software,, and Qualix Group. While at Qualix Group, he led its public offering and merger into Legato Systems, a company that was later acquired by EMC. An entrepreneur in his own right, Bruce founded Renaissance Software, serving as its CFO and head of sales. He serves as the audit committee chair of various private and public companies. Being Domo’s CFO gives him an added perk of getting to spend more time with his family at their Park City ski home.

Thomas dives into how Bruce turned Domo around, helping to lead the company through the pandemic using war time leadership

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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Bruce’s Background

[00:06:42] Thomas McGannon: Bruce, thank you so much for doing this. Um, so the way that I want to start this conversation, this is totally selfish and just kind of personal. We've interacted dozens of times. But Bruce, and I think this is kind of a condition of business. I don't really know that much about you. Would you mind just kind of sharing kind of who you are? Anything about your background? Like what do you enjoy doing? What makes you really happy?

[00:06:45] Bruce Felt: Sure. I mean, most people don't fundamentally want anything to do with me so they don't ever ask, but thank you for asking. But I'll say I'm a product of a varied background. I grew up as a Navy brat, lived in 18 places in 18 years, so kind of a nomad and that absolutely kind of influenced maybe my appetite either move around or my appetite for risk, just because you always put in very strange places and have to think quickly and stand on your two feet.