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This week's Unlimited Partner is Ben Dahl , an early-stage investor based in Salt Lake City. He is a Managing Director at Signal Peak Ventures, a $500M fund which specializes in relatively underserved geographies around the United States. He was also the Co-Founder at Unspam, which was the predecessor company that led to Cloudflare. He held a board seat there for over 8 years, and now at SPV is participating in a $1.25B fund launched by Cloudflare to support companies who are building on their workers platform.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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Working as a VC in Tertiary Markets

[0:03:32] Thomas McGannon: I have so been looking forward to uh getting to have some, some time with you today. Would you mind before we get started? Could you tell us like who are you today? What are you working on? So that people have an understanding of who's speaking today?