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Today's Unlimited Partner is Tony Perez from Peregrine Capital Group. He's been in the United States Air Force for 16 years, and has started projects like Spark for AFWERX which helps tie together many moving parts of the AF.

He's a proven leader with experience leading cross-functional teams in dynamic and complex environments. Able to bridge an organization’s strategic objectives with tactical-level execution. Rapidly analyzes information, prioritizes competing interest, and makes decisive decisions. Recognized leader who provides mentorship to subordinates and honest feedback to superiors. Builds disruptive organizations by leveraging proven mythologies. Communicates complex information succinctly to small and large groups.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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[00:03:30] Thomas McGannon: Hey brother, I've really, I've been looking forward to this conversation maybe just like some context for the podcast and why I think that a conversation with you guys is really interesting. So the podcast is about Unlimited Partners. Like it's it's which is really like an exploration of relationships and as I studied businesses throughout my career, one of the oddities of how I've seen businesses grow is the degree to which like federal government facing relationships are just not a part of the story until much much later in an organization's lifetime and federal spending is 30% of GDP. So this is a massive customer base. It's a huge economic opportunity and it's something that unless you've come up through the ranks in the way that that you have as an outsider as somebody who's grown up as an investor, like it's just this kind of murky but extremely large economic opportunity that I just, I don't know a whole lot about.

And when we met it made me think, oh this is an interesting converse a fund whose mandate is to help their portfolio navigate doing business with government entities like that's something that I as an investor on a dollar weighted basis, I feel like I'm under exposed to that knowledge and yeah, I just, I wanted to talk to talk more to you about what it is that that you guys are doing, who it is that each of you are like what some of the good practices are.

And yeah, I just, it feels it's funny to say, oh, I can't wait to talk about government spending genuinely need it.