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Today's Unlimited Partner is Sasha Kaletsky, Co-Founder of Creator Ventures along with his cousin Caspar Lee, a YouTube sensation. Sasha's unconventional story on how he got into venture capital involves passing out club fliers to Oxford students, choosing to launch Uber in Birmingham, England instead of London, getting his masters at Harvard Business School, to working with his cousin Caspar Lee who after many years of trial and error, emerged as a social media star. They then decide to build companies together. Their latest is Creator Ventures, which invests in early-stage consumer-internet companies. It closed its first fund, at $20M. We do a deep dive into lessons they've learned along the way.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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Raising their First Fund

[00:03:34] Thomas McGannon: Yeah, man, I, uh, read the announcement yesterday and when we met a couple of weeks ago, I hope it was clear that like, what I think you guys are doing is really, really cool. I think that and it, and it kind of hits hits me in a number of, of, of different ways from the perspective of, um, you and Casper being cousins, being friends and then to the extent that, um, you know, the creator economy as a, as like a democratizing force to help people construct lives that connect, you know who you are with, how you make money.

Like elongating that, that Jay-Z, I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man like in doing that for people. Oh gosh. Like all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors and genders and backgrounds and expertise and passions. Like it's, it, yeah, it just makes me pumped about what the internet um, can hopefully can hopefully bring.

And so yeah, dude, um, thanks for doing this. So you guys dropped your announcement yesterday, tell me about what that's been like.