Show Notes:

Oh wow where to start with this one! Get your tissues ready. We get to hear the amazing story of best friends, Tamara Hills and Jessica Lyons. How they met working at Brooks Running, became best friends and running partners. But it turns out that was just the beginning.

Tamara then shares the story of her son Benton (16). He was born with a rare condition called Bainbridge-Ropers Syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting a range of issues including Intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorder or autistic like behavior, feeding difficulties as a baby and in early childhood, developmental delay, speech and language difficulties or absent speech, breathing. He's a great kid with a funny personality according to Jess. His younger brother Iron is his advocate and protector.

Oh and did we mention Benton runs marathons! Tamara and Jess and a team push him 26.2 miles and then Benton walks across the finish line. He's now done 8!

We also hit on turning negatives into positives. And we end on a great revelation by Tamara that Tamara and Jess never know who is pushing whom when they run and that maybe that's a microcosm of their friendship.

My gosh this one really gets you feeling thankful for all the things you have in life. Tamara and Jess live life on the motto "just be water" and "run happy", a Brooks motto. Please enjoy and let us know how we're doing with all of this.

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

Resources Mentioned:

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Bainbridge-Ropers Syndrome wiki

Running With a Purpose by Jim Weber, CEO Brooks

Thomas McGannon LinkedIn



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