Have you ever learnt what is "Learning"? (11/19, Thu, 9PM-10PM, KST)"> Have you ever learnt what is "Learning"? (11/19, Thu, 9PM-10PM, KST)">



Series : What do you "Think"?

You can develop your own subjectivity by following your own thoughts, not listening to others' ideas.

Languages, thoughts, value points, memories, learning, subjectivity...

What do you think of such intangible things?

In a "What do you think?" session, you can have an opportunity to build up your own answers to the topics that might not have any answer, and practice having one's own thoughts.

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Have you ever learnt what is "Learning"?

A high school graduate would learn until the age of 19, a college graduate, 24, and a doctorate, at least 30.