Is a multi-currency digital wallet that allows users to transfer, exchange money within the app, and spend it with a debit card. I was the Product Designer responsible for this project, my role was to understand both business and users needs to design the product end to end, from the initial concept through shipping and beyond. Check out the app website →


I started interviewing stakeholders to delve deeper into the problem and understand what the business needs are. The initial idea was to design an app where users could easily exchange money and spend it anywhere in the world through a debit card.

After that phase, I focused on our users through research and interview to discover all the pain points. It all helped me to better understand the problems I needed to solve and also to empathize with my users. During the interviews, I discovered that many users in Brazil didn't have any kind of experience with a multi-currency bank account, but almost all of them had some other "regular" digital bank account with debit or credit card, which for me was very valuable information because the learning curve for this kind of experience will be shorter and its adoption easier. Also during the user research, I gathered information to understand the user behaviour and what kind of motivations they could have to adopt the product; with all this data I could create a customer journey map and start the construction of our personas.


To look for common paradigms and patterns that users might be familiar with, I conducted a competitor analysis. It helped me to have a deep understanding of the business and which flows and features are common, creating a deep competitive and comparative analysis of the various companies in order to have a solid foundation to start the design process.