Collaborate on Impactful Projects

EA CoLabs facilitates effective action and strengthens the EA community by making it easier for people and EA projects to connect.

EA CoLabs is the platform for people to share awareness of their impactful projects and find collaborators, and for volunteers to find impactful projects to help.

Who should use this? Anyone who is either working on an effective altruism project and is looking for help of volunteers or collaborators, and anyone who wishes to volunteer to help such projects and can commit sufficient time.

Which projects do you have?

Most projects would be international, most likely in relatively earlier stages, and often involving technology, but all EA projects are welcome.

Who are we? We are a collection of Effective Altruism volunteers building this platform.


EA volunteers and EA project leads currently have trouble finding one another. This causes both parties to spend precious time searching for one another and determining fit. This is time we wish to give back to the EA community. By creating EA CoLabs we can all spend less time finding one another and more time CoLabing with one another.

What is the current status of CoLabs? This project is currently in its pilot **phase. We are actively working to improve the platform based on feedback while simultaneously onboarding more users. We sincerely appreciate your participation and feedback on your experience here as well as any ideas, concerns, and wishes you have for this project moving forward.

Project Owners

<aside> 💡 👉 Is this for me? Are you currently or soon to be looking for individuals to assist you with your EA project? Then you're in the right place! By filling out this form, we will post your project on the EA CoLabs board for volunteers to explore and, if you accept, match interested volunteers to take be introduced to your project for an intro call. If you aren't currently looking for volunteers but wish to get the word out about your project feel free to add it here as well, just make sure to flag "not currently looking for volunteers" under the "help" field. We all thank you so much for your interest in collaborating within the EA community


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