Background Story.

This is for a savings and investment brand (Cowrywise). There is a savings circle usually joined by a group of people who intend to save together. This is usually a large group of people.


To urge people to save more, they need to know how they are fairing in the group, their saving status and ultimately, be urged to save more.

Solution. Create an in-app notification that tells them important milestones, urging them to save more.

A different notification if you got to a higher level, and a different one if you were demoted to a lower level.

Character count. 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the body.

Final UX Copy

Got to a Higher level

Position Content (Title + Body
1st ...and the leader is YOU! 👑
You now lead the (circle name) challenge. Say no to overtaking.
2nd 1st position? Very soon!
Your speed is amazing! You're close to being the (circle name) lead!
5th You made it to top 5! 🎉
Only 4 people stand between you and the first position. Outsave them. 👀
10th Top 10? Bag secured. 🎉
Bravo! You're 9 steps away from leading the (circle name) circle.
15th You've hit top 15! 🎉
Top 15? You're on a roll. A few more top ups and you'll hit top 5!
20th You made it to top 20. 🎉
With more top-ups, you'll get to top 10 soon. Keep up the energy. 💪🏽
25th You joined top 25 savers! 💪🏽
Keep saving. 👏🏽 Getting to top 10 is easier than you think.
30th Amazing! Top 30 already?
You're on the right path! Hitting top 20 soon. Keep going. 💪🏽

Got demoted to a lower level