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Our views on Data and Blockchain

It’s Han and Nikki here,

Plus an extra fresh voice we’re bringing to Dwarves Updates, in hope we can offer you more engineering-related insights and thoughts.

If you’re a part of our Discord server, you probably have noticed #blockchain is our most busy channel. It’s partially because of all the fusses within the crypto scene, but mainly because we’re aggressively learning, experimenting, and evolving on our blockchain expertise.

The data study group is also getting exciting. We’re seeing more learning notes submitted in our Brainery than ever before, making all the rewards, time and effort we invest in this industry fairly justify.

In this month's edition, Thanh Pham, our engineering manager took the stage. He shares how Dwarves are prepping designers and engineers for the next few years, even the next few decades. So they get the upper hand when trends shift and technologies change.

Our view on the direction of data.

2018, our bet was blockchain because we saw its endless possibilities, we weren’t wrong. Since then, we have successfully launched a team of 20 folks, focusing solely on building and shipping awesome blockchain products worldwide.

2022, our bet goes to data. Here are the signals:

These signals mean the data market is full of potential, but the number of good data engineers and analysts is still few and far between.

As a tech firm, our end-game for data lies in data science, AI, and machine learning. AI and machine learning help disaggregate data through inductive reasoning, find and associate patterns naturally, such as for video depth maps, and let it find ways to train and learn by itself. It’s the perfect combo.

With the direction set, for months we’ve been prepping research and discussion environments to encourage engineers to take a closer and more novel look at data, every ins and outs.

The knowledge, experience and insights we learn become talking/discussion points for our Weekly Radio Talk ( Monday 10AM UTC on Dwarves Discord).

Since we’re big on sharing, we will also be hosting podcasts for our community, notably to share ideas about data. This is somewhat similar to Rado Talk, except no presentation, just lots of discussions, questions, and some good banter from time to time.