When we put Foundation in our name, we mean it. We want to put in place a team of go-getters who solve real-world problems, build big platforms, and spread goodwill across communities.

Join us. Let's create the next big things together. At Dwarves, you will be working with an experienced, talented team who loves technology and knows how to use technology to better life on a global level.

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Available positions


Fullstack Web Engineer | Fintech

Unity Developer | NFT Game, Game Client

Fullstack Web Engineer | Fintech, Malaysia

Web Engineer, React.js | Marketplace

Backend Engineer, Golang | Marketplace

Fullstack Engineer | Logistics

Web Engineer, React.js

Backend Engineer, Go/Elixir/Rust

Back Office

Technical Recruiter

Operations Executive

Community Executive

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How we work at Dwarves.

We have two goals at Dwarves: to ship products we're proud of, and to become a company that offers its employees a great life.

Once you are part of us, you become part of our greatest asset. We will always have your back: we throw away most traditional measures of success, and we do our best to set you up for growth from day one.

💸 Fair salary

Salary and benefit packages are based on role, expertise, and experience.

🎁 We are all owners

People at Dwarves receive company shares based on their contributions.